in 12 weeks or less
Without the raging overwhelm, beyond-budget time and expenses, and frustrating “what -to-start” and “what-do-I-do-next” syndrome
If you are a parent, teacher or coach looking to set a solid Chinese foundation for your kiddos while establishing good learning habits and using various strategies, then you probably know that you need to focus on Chinese vocabulary building.

So I’ll spare the talk.

No need to convince you of something that’s already in your mind. After all, you probably already KNOW that learning Chinese vocabulary is the key element that sets the foundation, leverages time and effort, and speeds up the progress. You’ve probably also found out that although there are many Chinese learning programs available, nearly none is targeting Chinese vocabulary building for kids.

The Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy course puts you in complete control of your kid's learning. You’ll no longer search in vain where to start, wait to be told what to learn, and get overwhelmed by the amount of work. Instead, you will follow a proven system, take measurable steps each day and witness your children's confidence skyrock as they make progress continuously.
But where the heck do I start!?

Perhaps you’ve made the commitment to start.
You’ve jotted ideas down, planned time out, bought notebooks, searched for learning materials, and maybe even outlined a few Chinese characters. 

But even with the best intentions, most would-learn-Chinese-vocabulary learners abandon the project, allowing other less important things to swoop in. 

Here’s Why most parents or would-learn-Chinese-vocabulary learners abandon the the idea: 
Without a clear, step-by-step plan, most parents or would-learn-Chinese-vocabulary learners get completely lost. 

They fall victim to overwhelming choices from different sources, or lack of clarity over exactly what they need to do next. 

Here’s why this is not easy at all. 
As an already busy parent or a student with work to do, a hundred tasks on to-do list, school to attend, you literally can’t afford to spend too much time and energy to figure it out. 

And the moment you get lost in your Chinese vocabulary learning, it’s really hard to come back to your enthusiasm you’ve originally had. 

Therefore, building Chinese vocabulary is one of the few things in the Chinese learning journey that you NEED to get right the first place.
(and how to guarantee you won’t!)
Reason 1
Unclear about what you want to achieve
(some sort of an idea, not SMART goals)

You have an idea that your child needs to learn Chinese vocabulary. It is a great goal, but without action plans, the goal very likely ends in vain. After all, you must have heard of the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” ... To make a goal work, we need to make sure it is SMART, that is, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time -bound. Only when the goal is SMART, it is possible to work towards the goal and make it happen.

Reason 2
Unsure about what to learn
(no choice, too many choices, end up in inaction)

Too few choices, or too many choices, are the major two big issues for most Chinese learners. With little information on what to study, it is hard to make an informed decision. It often creates doubts half way of learning, especially when difficulties show up. With too many choices, it is easy to jump from one to the other, without knowing which one is the one that fits the need, as most of the learning materials and programs are not Chinese vocabulary building focused.

Reason 3
Taking random actions
(here and there, not following a system)

Building up a solid Chinese vocabulary base isn’t particularly hard or complicated. But as in all the meaningful learning, there are many moving pieces and potential failure points along the way. Where to start? How to track progress? What to learn next? These are just some of the MANY questions you’ll ask yourself along the way. Without a system to follow, random actions won’t produce the results you desire for.

Reason 4
Underestimating the workload
(as a wish, not treating it as real work)

Getting the idea of learning Chinese vocabulary is not hard, making the goal a reality is. And the process is not always rosy. It involves hard work and diligence. What if you feel like not studying? What if you have other commitments? Before you start the Chinese vocabulary building journey, it is a good idea to anticipate what is coming in the way, including the workload.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Even though we all know the importance of building Chinese vocabulary - it is an area we can hardly find much support. Sadly admitted, few resources on Chinese vocabulary building are available. No wonder why people take on the idea, but many fizzle out. 

 And the main reason for this, as you’ve likely seen by now, is that while the idea is great… 

 … the barriers towards EFFECTIVE EXECUTION are fairly high. 

 But as long as you can avoid the biggest barriers that stop most parents or would-learn-Chinese-vocabulary learners, the path is paved for you as the first and the most important step towards your child's Chinese learning journey. 

 One that allows you to achieve your goals for your child within a specific time frame, set a solid foundation, and make an impact on his/her overall Chinese learning. 

 The key ingredient to all of this is a program that works. And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to proceed.

And with your permission, that’s what I’d LOVE to show you how to proceed.

Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my own teaching and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step program that not only guides you through the whole learning process, but also equips you with the strategies and tools to make sure the execution is successful. 

Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy isn’t so much a training program... As it is an implementation program

Yes, you’ll learn the strategies that help you master the Chinese vocabulary efficiently, but more importantly, you’ll have a step-by-step roadmap that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it. 

 The END RESULT: a solid FOUNDATION ready to be expanded and built upon for the rest of your Chinese learning journey.

Hi, this is Sophia.

If we haven't met before, I am Sophia Xiong - a ˜ 20-year teaching veteran and the owner of I've spent countless time searching for the right learning materials and often had trouble finding the right ones. There are a lot of materials in the market, actually maybe way too much, but few of them are made for children living abroad, learning Chinese as an additional language. Especially in the area of Chinese vocabulary building although Chinese vocabulary form the foundation of Chinese language.

I wanted to help kids master their first hundred of Chinese words systematically so that they can start reading. This is the reason that I created Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy Course.
Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy
Is a program that…
No empty promise. No unnecessary modules, and no extraneous strategies that look great on the surface, but do nothing but overwhelm
you and sabotage your progress.
Take the guesswork out. The path is clear from the starting point to the finish line, making it measurable and attainable within a short timeframe.
Systems and strategies cut down the unnecessary busy work. They serve as a shortcut to the end results while making the learning journey purposeful and efficient. Success brings confidence.
Module 1: Setting Solid Foundation - First 100 Chinese Characters
  • The step-by-step simple “yet powerful” program will guide you through every step needed to build up the first 100 Chinese characters successfully.

  • Powerful strategy that breaks down the characters into bitable bits that are easy to digest and remember.

  • Linking characters together into meaningful chunks, this course expands the basic vocabulary from 100 characters to 100 characters plus 165 words. The connection among characters increases the vocabulary base greatly.

Module 2: Moving up - Next 100 Chinese Characters
  • Moving up from the basis of the first 100 characters, this module guides you through every step needed to build up another 100 Chinese characters successfully.

  • The same powerful strategy that boosts our memory over the Chinese characters by grouping them into bitable bits. 

  • Make connections among the 200 characters and add the addition of 315 new Chinese words. You will see how your vocabulary grows with amazement.

Module 3: Leveling Up Further - Make It 300 Chinese Characters in Total

  • This module levels up further and guides you through every single step necessary to build up your Chinese foundation of 300 Chinese characters.

  • Following the same memory strategy and learning tactics, this module leads you learning the vocabulary effectively.

  • A vocabulary net which connects all the 300 Chinese characters and make an addition of another 525 words under your belt.

Amazing Bonuses
for even more success
Bonus #1: Progress Tracking Checklists (€27)

The key to a successful Chinese vocabulary learning is to follow a proven system - a system embeds reviews at scientifically designed intervals. 

Bonus #2: Chinese Character Writing Worksheets (€47)

To master Chinese characters, being able to recognize them is not enough. This bonus provides writing practice following the right stroke, making character writing easy. 

Bonus #3: Sentence Reading Extension Pack (€77)

The goal of learning Chinese characters is to read. This invaluable reading extension pack trains students to read sentences with the characters they just learn.  

What Others Have Asked
Before signing up for Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy course
  • Is the program right for me if I already know many characters?
    Chinese characters are the smallest units of Chinese vocabulary. In this program you will learn much more than characters - they are actually used as the stepping stones to a wider net of Chinese words/phrases and further to Chinese sentence reading.
  • What if I don’t have enough time?
    The program is set to be 12 weeks with workload to be completed 10-20 minutes a day. You have 1-year access; you can go at your own pace.
  • How much time will I need to invest every week?
    The program is designed for you to work on the daily content 5 days a week, 10-20 minutes per day. In case you miss one lesson on a workday, you can easily make it up during your weekend. It is totally doable.
  • How long does it take to complete the whole course?
    There are 3 modules, each module featuring 100 Chinese characters. You will need 4 weeks to complete each module, totally 12 weeks (less than 3 months) to complete the whole program.
  • I’ve seen other courses on this topic. Why is Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy special?
    Indeed there are lots of Chinese learning materials available, but only few are concentrated on Chinese characters. Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy does not focus on solely Chinese characters; instead, it makes connections among individual characters and therefore makes a vocabulary net for students. Also, this step-by-step program incorporates systems and strategies that make the learning effective and easy.
Here Is What You're Getting When You Enroll Today:
The FULL Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy Program -
a €497 value

Bonus 1 - Progress Tracking Checklists - a €27 value

Bonus 2 - Character Writing Worksheets - a €47 value

Bonus 3 - Reading Extension Pack - a €77 value

Total Value: €648!
(very small compared to the value of the momentum you’ll be working towards)
But because I would like you to start to build
up Chinese vocabulary, I want to invite you to
enroll in Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy
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CHINESE VOCABULARY MADE EASY Is perfect for you if …

You are just started Chinese vocabulary learning and want to do it right

You have spent some time learning Chinese but don’t see results and you realize that Chinese vocabulary (esp. Chinese characters) are blocking your way.

You know that having a solid Chinese vocabulary base is your next big move, one that will leave impact and bring the quickest, most valuable win.

You are ready to do the work. In fact, you’re totally excited to put in the time, knowing that every action you take brings you one step closer to building a foundation for your Chinese learning.

You’re willing to spend 20 minutes a day for 12 weeks, knowing that all this time and effort will create a momentum for your learning.

You don’t mind having a bit of fun every now and then, and welcome the idea of ongoing with a passionate community of like-minded Chinese vocabulary learners.

So if any of the above resonates, then I can’t wait to welcome you to Chinese Vocabulary Made Easy and reward your commitment with the complete learning

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