Teacher Planner

All teachers and homeschooling parents need a planner to plan, organize, and track teaching and students' learning. 

What's Included in the Teacher Planner

This planner is made for teachers and homeschooling parents

  • to brainstorm - eg. Bank of ideas
  • to set goals - eg. how to make this year amazing for my students, for myself personal and professional; SMART goals etc.
  • to plan - eg. exam schedule, conference schedule, essay planner, project planner, monthly planner, weekly planner, lesson plan
  • to organize - eg. class officers, annual overview, semester overview, grouping and tasks, task rotations, 
  • to record - eg. class inventory, subscription, student info, class birthdays, 
  • to track - eg. assignment tracker, reading tracker, assessment tracker, grade records, behavior log, communication log, meeting notes, expense tracker etc.

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