The Spoken Chinese Course that Allows You to Communicate with Your Kids in Chinese TODAY
The course that makes simple Chinese conversations easy...
even if you are not a fluent Chinese speaker 
If you are currently:

helping your kids to establish a habit of speaking Chinese but are not sure what to say

working to make Chinese a part of your life with your kids

looking for ways to enhance the opportunities of exposure to Chinese for your kids

supporting your kids on Chinese learning and would like to talk to them in Chinese

And you would like to:

start to speak to your kids in Chinese without thinking

know what sentences to use in a situation your kid is familiar with 

feel confident to have short dialogues with your kids and others in Chinese

get into the habit of having Chinese conversations on a daily basis

Speak Chinese with Kids Course
Conversational Situations Covered

  • General questions and answers
  • Daily conversation
  • In the classroom 
  • Indoor play 
  • Outdoor play 
  • Group activities 
  • Washing and dining 
  • Meal time 
  • Sleeping Time 
  • Feeling sick 
  • Safety and discipline 
  • Positive and encouraging words

What You'll Get

  • video lessons
  • sentence list in 2 versions (so that you can choose based on your level):
    • Chinese only
    • Pinyin, Chinese, and English translation
  • audio files 
  • slide deck

Ready to go? 
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