My First Chinese Reading Books are designed for kids learn Chinese as an additional language and just start to read Chinese books. 

***These book have the following features: ***

Simplified Text 

Each page contains 2-7 words, making complete sentences. Young readers can easily read the texts. There are 10 pages in each book, totally around 33-55 words.


Familiar Topics 

all the content showcase subjects young learners are familiar with in their daily lives, which help establish connections between the words and the subjects.  

Pinyin Assistance 

There are two versions for each book, one with pinyin, and the other without. Pinyin is provided alongside characters, aiding pronunciation and comprehension.  

Visual Support 

Rich illustrations accompany the text, reinforcing vocabulary through visual association. 

High-Frequency Word Repetition 

The series emphasizes the repetition of high-frequency words, and the use of predictable language helps children develop reading skills in understanding and prediction.

Video Pronunciation Assistance 

For each book, there is a video which can be used as an assistance for kids to master the pronunciation if necessary.

If you are helping your kids to read Chinese, this series of 36 books, together with the other books at previous levels, are perfect. 

What's more, you'll get a reading log and a reading chart to keep track of your children's reading. 

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This series of 36 books are perfect for kids who are ready to start reading Chinese books. 

My First Chinese Reading books are simple, colorful. They feature familiar topics and highlight repetitive words to enhance the language sensitivity of the Chinese learners. They are the ideal books to introducing reading to students. 

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